EFB Integration


May we provide you with the perfect Input data for your future or current on-board EFB solution?

With FSS Flight Planner you now have one thing less to worry.

Data output for any EFB Application currently on the market is all covered with our Industry standard format ARINC 633.

The FSS Flight Planner data output is cost-effective solution perfectly fitted for your EFB needs- 

As an airline or an aircraft operator, you certainly know how difficult it is to find the affordable software solution that will perfectly meet your requirements. 


With FSS EFB Integration capability your pilots have easy access to their flight briefings, weather data or electronic Teclogs. They benefit from full document management capabilities, backup flight content and integrated access to other flight-relevant resources such as navigation charts, performance calculations, flight optimization tools or even your company’s own solutions.



The Industry standars ARINC 633 is the air-ground protocol for ACARS and IP networks used for AOC data exchanges between aircraft and the ground. Our FSS Flight Planner provides you with this format which allows integration with all EFB Interface applications today on the market.

Benefits of an EFB

Reduces, in some cases eliminates, paper from the Pilot’s carry on flight bag and cockpit, decreasing the Pilot’s workload.


Faster access to necessary information, increasing Pilot’s efficiency in everyday life as well as in emergency situations.

Added software can complete certain calculations, previously completed by hand, reducing the volume of paperwork and removing a lot of the margin of human error.

The software allows accurate takeoff and landing calculations, optimizing fuel consumption and expanding the useful life of aircraft engines.

Onboard calculations can also be completed, improving onboard safety and the efficiency of flying.

The EFB’s ability to complete calculations previously completed by hand is more cost effective and accurate.

EFBs optimize the exchange of information, enabling Pilots to access the latest operational data straight from the cockpit.

Provides real time weather information improving routing decisions.

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