High-speed algorithms

Cutting-edge dispatch software for cost-optimized Airline operations


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Advanced high-speed Flight Planning

Usability is not something we add – we design it into our flight planning software solution. Benefit from a very adaptable, efficient and easy-to-use user interface and let your dispatchers quickly learn how to create, file and review a flight plan within minutes. Preview your flight log in real-time and get instant access to your complete briefing package via CrewBriefing. Save valuable time and increase productivity.

The industry standard ARINC 633 allows integration with all EFB Interface applications.



Increase your profits

Optimized routes - saving fuel. Custom tailored solutions keeping you ahead


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Competitve prizing and Terms

We offer custom-tailored flight planning software solutions based on more then 10 years of developing aviation tools. Our pricing is highly competitive and comes with very favorable terms & conditions. Our monthly-based subscription allows for maximum flexibility while "charges based on aircraft in operation" gives you 100% transparancy.

We offer of the most cost-effective Flight planning solution on the market that will significantly enhance your airlines productivity.



Mobile Crew Briefing

Digital, EFB compatible flight package solution via FSS Webbriefing 


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Crew briefing solutions centralized

and simplified

Using the FSS Webbriefing portal, allows your airline to dynamically manage its briefing process and flight status effectively. Easy to implement and intuitive to use, our powerful crew briefing solution will help to maximise your operations efficiency by delivering the right data to the right people - via the ground portal or to a mobile device.

The industry standard ARINC 633 allows integration with all EFB Interface applications.

Applying knowledge.

Connecting technologies.

FSS Flight Planning an Austrian based Software development company - has been founded in 2013 by a skilled and experienced team with diverse Aviation background: Dispatchers, Airline pilots and IT-Specialists. Flat hierarchies, uncomplicated communication, quick solutions: all that is reflected in our work ethics and in our customer dedication. Together with our state of the art technology and our continuous thrive to accelerate you ahead of the competition we would like to introduce you to our remarkable and powerful FSS Flight Planner.
Benefiting from more than 10 years of experience in the creation of aviation software tools. Our sophisticated yet simple-to-use solution that will greatly enhance your Airlines performance and supports your Flight dispatch department to evaluate the optimal route from almost unlimited options while taking current real time flight-related data into account. Routes can be optimized in regards to fuel consumption, total cost or flying time. Our focus is on developing future-ready, comprehensive and fail-safe software systems for cost-optimized airline operation and to combine the look-and-feel of a modern user interface and strong performance with competitive costs and the reduction of CO² emissions.

Our solutions

Powerful and competitive IT solutions are an essential key factor for a dynamic and cost-optimized flight planning operation. The user-friendly FSS Flight Planner covers all aspects of your flight planning from take-off to landing: Performance, RAIM, Weather, EDTO, Briefing with EFB integration and graphical flight tracking: all based on high-quality aeronautical data.

Our comprehensive approach of integrating data from various sources directly into the FSS Flight Planners software engine supports flight dispatchers and airlines in achieving maximum operational efficiency, safety and stability. 

We utilize specific customer aircraft databases to adjust for a particular airplanes unique characteristics and certifications, company speed and cost-index schedules . Critical information such as equal-time points, EDTO planning, depressurization/engine-out computations as well as "high terrain" drift-down contingencies are just some of the core features of our state of the art FSS Flight Planner Software. 


DB optimizations released

Auto routes generated

EFB packages computed

Tons of fuel saved

Meet our team 

FSS Flight Planner is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks.


Christian Grill

CEO, Head of Software Development

Working on the mathematical and algorythmic backbone. Coordinates and oversees implemantation of aviation environmental data.

Austria & America


Ludwig Reiter, BAvn

Head of Operations

Helps to shape FSS Flight Planning's future strategy, manages company operations as well as customer relations.

Austria & Russia


Nara Tsogtsaikhan

Data Administration

Responsible of sensitvie data handling and input. Updating, maintaining and validating of our Database structure.

Austria & Asia


Mag.ª iur. Jennifer Fischer

Regulatory Affairs

Provides management with legal advice on business and company strategies. Oversees the work of third party providers, drafting and editing of commercial agreements, ensures the company fullfils all regulatory obligations.

Austria & France


Judith Blaschegg

Accounting & Logistics

In charge of all accounting related matters, invoicing, financial controlling as well as overviewing all logistical challenges.



Data sourcing  

Using professional aviation data from trusted sources is a key factor or a reliable flight planning operations. FSS Flight Planning is in contract with the world's most reknown providers thus combining high quality data with an unrivaled smart software design.

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