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Custom tailored solutions at the most competitive price available on the market

Our business model is simple and unique at the same time. You are only being charged based on aircraft active/in operation on the FSS Flight Planner sytem regardless of the amount of flight plans you generate or flights you perform. Welcome to our flat-rate philosophy of FSS Flight Planning!

We do embrace simplicity and transparency. No hidden fees, no extra costs or surprise anual fee increases. At FSS Flight Planning we guarantee price stability not just for the inital suscription term but for the whole lifecycle of the software instead.

To allow for even more flexibility we offer monthly and yearly-based suscription plans as well as the option of using your own prefered Navdata provider.


To provide you with the highest level of service and support possible this is what we include in our basic suscription plan:

Cutting edge Flight planning software based on the latest technologies

FSS Webbriefing platform for mobile access anywhere (

Unlimited Administrator rights

Data output format Arinc 633 for custom processing (e.g. EFB)

24/7 support service based in Austria

Regular software updates for maximum cyber security protection


We can imagine you have some questions now - we put a few answers together that might be helpful!

Can we add additional aircraft any time without signing a new contract?

Yes, anytime. For your flexibilty and to optimize your active fleet size we group our basic FSS Flight Planner suscription as below:

0 - 5 aircaft

6 - 10 aircraft

11 - 15 aircraft

16 - 20 aircraft

21 - 25 aircaft

26-30 aircaft and continued to any size of fleet.


How long will it take to implement FSS Flight Planner in our operation?

Introducing FSS Flight Planner in your current operation is straight forward task. The user-interface is very intuitive and highly adaptable. We offer shared screen sessions, training on-site together with your team but we are also delighted to welcome you in our Head quarter in Austria.


We operate a unique fleet of aircraft and require different aircraft performance tables?

Creating a unique performance file that matches your airplanes specific configuration is a delicate task. At FSS we create all aircraft database files in-house which gives you a great amount of ease and flexibility.


How can the FSS Flight Planner help us to safe money and burn less fuel on every flight? 

We are finding the most economic route by calculating the optimum cost-index and use lateral and vertical route optimization, resulting in less fuel burn and CO² produced. 


Find more answers to your questions here in our FAQ´s section.

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