How does FSS Flight Planner optimize routes?

Optimizing route and vertical profile is achieved by taking all relevant parameters into account. These include enroute winds, route charges, fuel costs, operating costs, restricted areas, free route airspaces, etc. Flights can be optimized according to the respective priority (minimum time/distance/fuel/total costs).

We are performing RNAV approaches. What about GPS RAIM prediction?

FSS Flight Planner provides worldwide GPS RAIM prediction capability.

How can our crews access OFPs, weather and NOTAM data?

FSS Flight Planner comes with a webbriefing portal, which provides world-wide access to all data required. Output is fully customizable.

Does FSS Flight Planner provide flight tracking?

Enhencing situational awareness: Using live data from FlightAware© FSS Fight Planner can display aircraft positions and relevent data on the integrated map.

Can we use FSS Flight Planner while being offline?

FSS Flight Planner provides vast offline capability. Using last available data calculations can be commenced with almost no limitations.

We are operating in Europe. Does FSS Flight Planner include Route Validation?

Creating and preparing routes in Europe with all the restrictions and limits in force is a complex task. FSS Flight Planner provides a direct uplink to Eurocontrol to validate routes before FPL filing.

We need planning certainty. Does FSS guarantee price stability?

No hidden price increases: FSS guarantees stable costs throughout the contract term. Prices are only adjusted for inflation. Growing fleet size may even reduce costs per aircraft.

We'd like to test FSS Flight Planner. Can you provide us with a trial version?

Sure. Give us call or send us an email and we'll contact you to discuss about details.

We'd like to see how FSS Flight Planner works. Can we get a demonstration?

Certainly. Contact us to arrange a free online demonstration that will convince you to go for the FSS Flight Planner.

How long does it take to implement FSS Flight Planner?

Each operation is unique. Therefore the project scope of implementing a new Flight Planning System depends on your requirements. Our support team will guide you through the process.

What are the costs for FSS Flight Planner?

That is depending on a few parameters (fleet size, navigation data requirements, special demands, etc.). Contact us to get a reasonable quote - together we will find out what your operation actually requires and customize a special offer for you.